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Dawn of Worlds has become rather popular since we released version one.  It can be found HERE.

Bob's Intro to MUME
Mume Equipment
Adra Map (big)
Ancient Broken Road
Anduin Vale
Brush to LB
East of Rdell
Forlond to BM
Greenway South
Isengard South
LB to Trollshaws
Old Forest
Outskirts of Tharbad
Rdell to ABR
South Eregion
South Misties
South out of Dunland
Tharbad Sewers
Tributary of Bruinen
Warrens to Ford
Weather to Brush
West of NOC
Worn Trail
Paths through Arda
Bob's Compiled Notes

Welcome to the wellspring of all things game related within the clan.  Here you will find the ancient texts of games gone by, maps of worlds undreamed but often played in... and all that stuff.  If anything posted here conflicts with a copyright please let me know.

NEWS 12-1-05

I released Dawn of Worlds on the Internet after the requests Chad & Megan Straatmeyer received at their most recent gaming convention.  It has received good reviews, and a lot of people are playing it.  Links to the game are posted above, and on the left.

NEWS 11-23-04

In a fit of ambition I once again reset my scanner software and uploaded a couple choice pieces from my collection to the RPG links.

NEWS 11-22-04

Bluebook of Westmarch is now up, forming one of the most complete collections of MUME information available in any one place on the Internet.

Tabletop RPGs:
Richard the Great
The Wide World
Dawn of Worlds
News 11-18-04

So far we just have a few mume maps & stats up.  More to come.